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Bruce Lee The Dragon



Bruce Lee, Original Painting Acrylic , Kung Fu Painting, Martial Arts, Game of Death ,Home Decor ,Hand Made, Oil Painting, The Dragon

Materials: Surface: Stretched canvas
Width: 60 centimeters

Height: 90 centimeters
Original ONE OF A KIND Painting of Bruce lee from from a scene of the game of death.

Acrylic on Canvas 90 cmx60 cm by Joel Davidsohn.


Joel Davidsohn

My whole life I grew up on Bruce Lee watching all his movies hundreds of times, He was the best and one of his kind.
I was most excited to do this painting of him, It suddenly came to me that I need to make a portrait of him and felt I can do it.
It wasn’t an easy painting, took me long to complete, and I hope you all like it.